Tuesday, August 14, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving: 8/6/12 - 8/12/12

 1) Got a call from IADT! On Tuesday (8/7), I got a call from the lady I've been working with to get into school for a long time now. She told me that I have 3 chances to get into school this next year and to do so, I need to put together a portfolio of all of my work and a letter for the admissions board to look over. She emailed all the details to me and told me to call her this week. And with a few new opportunities at getting transportation, I think it's finally my time to start school! I've been so excited, I made up a rough draft for my letter and now need to draw some new pieces to add to my portfolio. Fashion Design program, here I come!

 2) Finished my drawing! Last Wednesday, I finally finished the piece that you all glimpsed at, last week. I'm actually quite proud of it, I'm thinking of hanging it up! What do you think?

(More working out, day with Jaxy, and Koreans after the jump!)

 3) Working out is getting easier! Last weekend's workouts were a lot easier to do, especially with Jaxy coming with me during one of them and Aaron coming for the other. No progress yet as far as I can tell, but I won't give up! I'm now going to start walking 5 miles on the treadmill each workout! I tried the stationary bike, but I only burned 1/4 of the calories I did while walking. Let's hope walking 5 miles works!

 4) Hang out day with Jaxy! On Thursday, Jaxy came over for a while! We went to the gym, watched some psycho teacher movie, and ate Thai food with my mom. So much fun! Here's a picture of us after our workout. lol

 5) Korean movies / shows. I've been watching lots of these lately, mainly the Korean horror movies and the dramedy shows. My most recent favorite being Boys Over Flowers. I really get sucked into the romantic part of it!

What are you loving, this week? :)

All photos by myself (except the one by Jaxy).

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