Sunday, August 12, 2012

Home Decor: A Mattress Fit for a Queen

 So still no progress this week other than mattress shopping. I've been looking into prices and such and figure that I'll only spend maybe $1000 tops on a nice mattress & box spring set. No need for anything more expensive! All I want is a plush, pillow top queen mattress that will last me many years. Simple enough, right?

 Aside from that, Aaron and I decided that we're going to stay in our current apartment for at least one more lease after this one. I love our apartment, so why not? Space was an issue before, because Aaron ended up buying big furniture, but we've managed to fit everything in without making things crowded. We'll buy a new entertainment center soon after buying our mattress, but only to replace our current one. I still want to build my own shelf set to put over the couch, but our lack of power tools makes that difficult. Does anyone know if any hardware stores will cut the lumber to exact measurements for you? My art wall is beginning to grow as well! I've just finished a piece last week that I plan on putting up with the rest of my collection, I'm quite proud of it. So many plans, now I just need to do them!

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