Monday, August 27, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving: 8/20/12 - 8/26/12

1) Finished the drawing from last week! I finished it about 6 days ago, now I just need to send it to the requester. I like it, personally. How about you? See it on deviantART for more info on the drawing (maturity filter is set on dA).

2) Started crocheting a teal beret. Since I finished the white scarf for Aaron, I decided to finally start crocheting my beret before it starts getting cold. Let's hope I finish it soon!

(Portfolio work, parks at night, and Guild Wars 2 after the jump!)

3) Started to actually work on my school admissions portfolio. I haven't gotten far, but I at least started drawing a few concept designs to add to the portfolio. Half of the portfolio will probably consist of new work and the other half will be some of my work from the last couple of months. I'm so excited to get it sent in!

4) Had a mini date with Aaron! Friday, Aaron and I stopped at Burger King and ate at the first park we ever went to together, just like our first date. It was 1am, so it was hard to play on anything in the dark, but it was nice to just sit on the swings and talk. Fun night!

5) Started playing Guild Wars 2! On Saturday, it was the first day of the Guild Wars 2 3-day headstart for people who bought the deluxe digital download. Luckily, I was one of those people! There was an issue for the first 12 hours or so due to jerks signing in to hoard usernames before the good ones were taken, but it was fun after that crap was over. I was able to get my usual name, since I linked my old GW1 account to GW2. So if you want to play with me sometime, my username is SoleilRadieux.3648 and I've been playing in the Ferguson's Crossing server. Hope to play with you soon!

What are you loving, this week? :)

All photos by myself.

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