Monday, August 20, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving: 8/13/12 - 8/19/12

 1) Early morning workouts. Lately, it's been easier for me to go to the gym at 5am then to go when I wake up (at 7 or 8pm). I'm home alone during most of my weekend, so I don't like to walk by myself at night. At least during 5am, people are asleep and the sun is slowly starting to rise. I'm pretty sure I heard that it's not good to work out during your "evening", but I think it's good to expel the extra calories before falling asleep. I'm even starting to see some progress! It'll be a long time before I reach my goal though.

 2) Drawing request! An acquaintance of mine from Suicide Girls asked me to draw a picture of her. This is one of my first real requests, so I gladly accepted! I want the practice anyways. I picked one of her modeling photos as a reference and am now half way through it. I can't wait to finish it and send it to her!

(Blueberry Mojitos, movies with my love, and ordering clouds after the jump!)

 3) Friday with Jaxy! Our few-hour hangout turned into an all day affair of shopping, eating, drinking, and walking home in the heat right after drinking. lol I only ended up buying an eyelash curler at H&M, and Jaxy bought a cardigan. After shopping was the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and drinks. New England clam chowder sounded good, but not after 2 blueberry mojitos! In my defense, those mojitos had way more alcohol then they should have. lol Luckily, I never puked, not even after walking back to her house in the heat! Most likely due to all the water I drank after drinking. At one point, we even found some stylish man-nequins that we for some reason had to take pictures of. After that, we took a small nap at her house (the heat is exhausting!) and I went home with Aaron. Fun day!

 4) Movies at home with Aaron. I've watched a few movies with him, this week. The first one was called Idiots & Angels, extremely strange but has a somewhat hidden message of "doing the right thing and good things will happen", in my opinion. The second was Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. So silly! The last was Bourne Identity. Don't ask me how, but I've never seen any of the Bourne movies. It was better than I thought it would be, lots of action with some mystery in it. All were great movies that I would recommend! It was nice to curl up on the couch with Aaron and watch movies.

 5) Ordered a new bed! As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've ordered a new mattress set! The one we have now is about as old as I am, is as firm as a table, and we accidentally snapped one of the boards in the box spring just by falling onto the bed. So cheap! I can't wait to lay on a cloud, I think my back pains will start to go away then.

What are you loving, this week? :)

All photos by myself.

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