Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vintage Dress Forms and Ink

 I would have posted this yesterday, but fell asleep after coming home, so it had to wait. lol

 Yesterday was the day that I finally got my 2nd tattoo! I had waited for a month and a half, so you can probably imagine my over-the-top excitement when I got off of work, yesterday morning. Aaron, our friend Kaymon, and I got to the shop 15 minutes before my appointment so that I could talk to Willy about the plan. A half an hour later, we got to work! The most painful part was probably the middle of the bottom piece, but it wasn't bad at all. Nearly two hours of buzzing later, it was all done! I'm so proud of it, I can't stop looking. It's difficult to do some things that I'm used to doing though, like typing right now without laying my arm down! lol

(Find out what I got after the jump!)

 I got a vintage dress form with some decorative bits on my right forearm. It was originally going to be just that, but we realized beforehand that the dress form from the reference I brought in was the same color as my skin, so we decided to make her frame grey and add a colored shape behind it. Anyways, you didn't come to see me blabber on about it without a photo, right? Well here it is!

 I'm just over the moon about it, Willy Cutlip at Bad Apple Tattoo Co. is such an amazing artist. I'm definitely sticking with him as long as we're both in Vegas!

 Now I'm off to enjoy my weekend of healing and video games. No drawing for me, for a while. See you all on Sunday! :)

Willy Cutlip - Facebook, Bad Apple - Facebook, Photo by myself.


  1. It looks great. Maybe I need to go see this artist sometime.

    1. Thanks. :D
      I think you should, this piece was cheaper than I thought it would be. :)