Sunday, July 15, 2012

Home Decor: Massive Desks and Art

 I feel like we made some progress, this past week! On Wednesday, Aaron bought a vintage office desk from an antique store near the tattoo shop I was at. On Friday, they delivered it and I was able to see what it really looked like. It's very nice, in my opinion. Medium / dark wood, 60's style office desk with drawers on either side. It was much bigger than I thought, but we made it fit! We both agreed though, we need a second bedroom for an office / studio in our next place. lol

(The start of an art wall & moving the bulletin board 
out of the living room after the jump!)

 Later that night, I decided it was finally time to start my art wall! I bought frames earlier this week, so all that was left was putting the art into them and hanging them up. I only have three pieces up so far, but plan on getting more up eventually. Here's a look at the start of a collection!

 On Saturday, Aaron and I finally moved the bulletin board out of the living room and into his new "office space" in the bedroom. the living room looks so much bigger without it! Now to find an interesting shelf set to put above the couch... Believe it or not, all of that blue is actually teal, I just need to use a camera that would capture its true color. Someday!

 I have gotten most of this month's to-do list done, I'm so excited! :)

All photos by myself.

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