Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home Decor: Office Space

 So this week, Aaron and I decided to partially turn our dining room into his office. The desk was cramped in our bedroom and we weren't actually using our dining room to eat in (we have a bad habit of eating on the couch), so we thought it would be best. We moved the dining table to one of the walls, moved the desk to the other wall, and used the fourth dining chair as a chair for my drafting table. There's so much more space in the bedroom now, and the "new office" looks good! Plus, it's easier to vacuum the rug in the middle of that room without the dining set in the way. Here's some photos! Sorry for the darkness, I had to keep the lighting low while Aaron was sleeping.
(Photos of the "new office" and shelving ideas after the jump!)

 I'm hoping to buy or build some new shelves for the living room, I've just been looking into a few ideas. I was thinking of having lots of rows of normal shelves, or bigger cube shelves, but those ideas seem a little boring. There's another one I really like, but I have to talk it over with Aaron first. Wish me luck!

All photos by myself.

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