Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Girl!

 I would've posted yesterday, but I fell asleep right after coming home, so here's my post now!

 Yesterday was the day Jaxy and I celebrated her birthday with a big birthday date! We got dressed up and went to Pho Vietnamese Cuisine in Treasure Island. The food was so good, I love seafood pho!

(Shopping, inappropriate mannequins, cake, drinks, and presents after the jump!)

 After that, we walked around the Fashion Show Mall and ended up buying quite a bit from Forever 21.
I wish she would have bought this hat, it looked so cute on her! We also found a lot of inappropriately posed mannequins.
Jaxy bought a gorgeous floral dress that looks like an old tea set, a pretty yellow dress, a cute giraffe tank top, a one or two other things. I bought a pair of rusty orange shorts, a salmony orange tank top, and a beige tank top with a pocket and cute lace back!

 After shopping, we met up with her friend, Thomas, at the store they work at and went to Red Velvet Cafe for cake and drinks. The cakes were amazing, but the drinks were a little gross (I found out I'm not a fan of sake). 

 We went to El Segundo for some real drinks, chips, and salsa and had a blast just talking. I gave Jaxy her present, a tea spoon necklace! She's absolutely in love with it. 

 From both Red Velvet and El Segundo, I had about 2 and a half drinks (a chocolate saketini, mango margarita, and half of Jaxy's strawberry margarita). Normally that would be fine, but since I had been awake since 5pm the day before, it made me a little tipsy. Aaron picked us up after drinks and we took Jaxy home. While we were there, she gave me this totally awesome shirt from her store. I'm in love with it!

It was such a great day, I missed hanging out with Jaxy!

Close up of necklace - Jaxy, Rest of photos by myself.

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