Sunday, July 1, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving: 6/25/12 - 7/1/12

 1) Date with Aaron! On Wednesday night, Aaron took me to a ramen house across town called Anime Ramen & Teriyaki. This has to be the coolest ramen house I've ever seen! The atmosphere is very upbeat, they play anime on the TVs and anime theme songs for music, and the waitresses all cosplay as different characters from anime and video games. Our waitress was cosplaying as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, so cute! The food is awesome too, we got Takoyaki as an appetizer, then I got thai iced tea boba and seafood ramen. So delicious! I highly suggest looking Anime Ramen & Teriyaki up if you're in town. Anyways, the date night ended with Aaron and I watching Hulu. Best date night we've had in a while and Aaron wants to go back there for another date in a couple of weeks!

 2) Started growing Basil. On Thursday morning, while I was grocery shopping at Fresh & Easy, I was looking for packaged "fresh" Basil for one of my dinners I'm planning. It turns out that they don't sell that, but instead they sell Basil that you grow yourself in a tiny pot! After thinking about it a little ( and about my previous track record with growing plants), I decided to buy some anyways and try to keep it alive a little better. Luckily for me, you water Basil only once a day and give it sunlight, so it's pretty low maintenance. I'm good at the watering part, but I need to move it to a better lit area! It's currently on my kitchen counter, next to a window that Aaron keeps closing the blinds to (because the light shines into our room when we sleep).

(Geeky gifts, lazy days, and the blog's anniversary after the jump!)
 3) Aaron bought Mass Effect 2 for me! He knew that I've been wanting to play it after the first Mass Effect for a while now (6 months since I finished ME1!), but he said that since I never buy anything for myself, he thought he would buy it for me. Isn't he sweet? Though I'm sure if I was the type of girl that didn't understand the fun of video games, he probably wouldn't know what to get me. lol

 4) Had a lazy weekend. My weekend has been non-stop sleeping, movies, and video games. I would've cleaned or something, but the heat here has drained me of all energy! It was nice to have some lazy time for a change though.

 5) The 1st anniversary of this blog! As of yesterday, it has been 1 year since I started the Soleil Radieux blog. Isn't it crazy? In a matter of a year, the blog and my writing has changed so much for the better! That being said, I know I still have a long way to go. I know that this blog will grow as I grow, and that makes me excited for the future!

What are you loving, this week? :)

ME2 - Bioware, All other photos by myself.

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