Saturday, June 23, 2012

Home Decor: Summer Cleaning!

 Not much has been done this past week, decor-wise. Instead, this week was dedicated to mass-cleaning the apartment! Since it's only Aaron, the 2 cats, and I, I only have to do real cleaning once each month. In between cleanings, I wipe counters and vacuum though. For 3 hours, I wiped counters, scrubbed sinks, scrubbed the stove, mopped, and cleaned the toilet. Luckily for me, Aaron did the vacuuming when he got home from work. lol The apartment looks so nice now! It was definitely a productive week.

 As for my home-decor to-do list, the only thing I did was put a shelf up, though we might be moving it soon. I'm hoping to find lamp shades by next week, and I've been trying to coax Aaron into finding a cheaper dresser so the bedroom won't look like a yard sale anymore. lol As far as painting goes, I still really want to paint the ugly brown walls, but Aaron is hesitant about it again. Let's hope color wins!

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