Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 25 – Things I Miss

 This topic could mean many different things. Does it mean objects, memories, people, places? In a general sense, I miss childhood in the 90's, Carley (my still-best friend whom moved to Reno for University 4 years ago), my dad (moved to Kentucky over a year ago), my grandma (moved to Kentucky 6 years ago), grandpa (died about 8 years ago), Reno (one of the neatest places I've ever visited), and in a way, one of my ex-boyfriends (though that's in a friendship sense, I was over the relationship part ages ago).

 It actually took me quite a while to even come up with that list. I don't often miss things, because I'm just happy that they happened. Besides, why ruin the nostalgia with reliving the reality? The things we miss could possibly be covered by rose-tinted glasses after all. lol That's not to say that missing things is a bad thing though, it shows that we're human. :)

What kinds of things, people, places, memories, do you miss? :)

 This was the very last post from the topic challenge, so i hope you enjoyed them! I'm hoping to start a new, different series for every Tuesday, in the near future, so keep checking back! :)

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