Sunday, June 24, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving: 6/18/12 - 6/24/12

 1) I dyed my hair white again! On Monday, I dyed my hair by myself for the first time. Well, Aaron helped me with looking for missed spots after. lol It's so hard when you can't see the back of your head! Though after all the struggle, it turned out really good! I missed looking like one of Sephiroth's clones. This will be the last month it's white for a while though, because I'll be dying my hair back to my natural color to let it grow out again, by the end of July. I don't mind though, I'll have healthier hair again! For a tutorial on how to get white hair the healthy way, click here!

 2) Got my TB test over with! On Wednesday morning, Aaron and I had to stop at the Diagnostics center to renew our yearly TB skin tests, for work. The first time we ever had to do it, it was a 3-step process that involved getting 2 shots within a week. They've changed it since then, so we only had to go in once to get a little blood drawn from us. Yay! I absolutely hate syringes, so I was happy to get it over with. We were in and out in an hour, which was great considering how many people were there.

(Being a hermit, seeing friends, and hanging unmentionables to dry after the jump!)

 3) Spent my entire "weekend" inside. Jaxy and I made plans to hang out on Wednesday, but she ended up having to work so I decided to spend my whole weekend inside. It was actually a nice change. I love hanging out with Jaxy, but I liked going to sleep at my normal time and having time to clean and catch up on video games. By the time Saturday came back around and I had to go to work, I felt very well-rested!

 4) Jessica, Jaxy, and Jaxy's mom stopped by! On Thursday afternoon, Jessica stopped by to give me money to give to Jaxy, for some stone plugs that she was buying from her, and to talk for a little bit. Later that night, Jaxy and her mom stopped by to pick up the money and drop off the plugs, and to talk for a bit as well. It was nice to see them all for a little bit, but I'm hoping we can set up hang out days soon.

 5) Did some major Summer cleaning! As mentioned in the last home decor post, I spent Friday night cleaning the apartment and doing laundry. It took about 3 hours, but it was definitely worth it! Now I wonder how long we can keep it clean?

What are you loving, this week? :)

All photos by myself.

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