Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home Decor: Curtain Call!

 Sorry for the lack of a Home post, last week. I had a lazy week then so I didn't have anything to write about.

 Good news! I unpacked my last box finally! Yay! So now we are (nearly) cardboard box-free. I say nearly because there's a few that we use to store extra things (Christmas junk, childhood momentos) in our balcony closet, but we're going to get some plastic storage boxes for those soon to keep our things safe. On the plus side, we aren't using the area under our sofa tables as storage anymore, since we've minimized a few things. Also, Aaron bought some red curtains for the dining room windows, so the room has more personality. Since they're all the color the dining room needs, we won't paint it. Oh how much difference some curtains make!

(The end of May's To-Do List and the start of June's after the jump!)

 We've got some things accomplished in May, but not exactly everything we planned.
May's To-Do List:

  • Finish unpacking!
  • Rearrange furniture.
  • Finish hanging up the wall decor we have.
  • Buy a couple of new pieces.

 In June, I plan on really getting things done!
June's To-Do List:
  • Finish hanging shelves!
  • Buy some new bedroom and living room pieces.
  • Start my art wall!
  • Paint some walls!

I'll start gaining momentum again soon,
so keep a look out each week for something new! :)

Photo by myself.

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