Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 23 – My Fears

 I have the same fears that most people do. Heights, losing a loved one, needles, not being able to pay my bills and buy groceries, serial killers, and clowns. Luckily I'm not the type of person that freaks out and screams when any clown is near them, but a have a mini heart attack when it's a purposely evil clown. I was fine with clowns before, but after a haunted house when I was 13 that kind of changed. The clown had a chainsaw and cornered 4 of us. After 3 minutes, the football player realized he was in fact a football player and pushed the clown out of the way so we can continue. I know you aren't supposed to touch them, but he was a big clown and he blocked the entire pathway! I don't care if the chain wasn't on the chainsaw, that was terrifying. lol

What are you afraid of? :)


  1. Ya'know those chainsaws can cause some narly burns even without a chain attached. they aren't safe to be playing with like that. Haunted houses are dangerous.... although I did "fall in-love" in a haunted house once. Sigh.

    1. Yeah, 2003 was a dangerous time. Kind of like back in the day when people thought smoking during pregnancy was fine and tanning 24/7 was healthy. lol
      Falling in love in a haunted house is a story I must hear. lol :)