Sunday, June 17, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving: 6/11/12 - 6/17/12

 1) Home shopping at Target! I've already posted about this in the last Home Decor post, but on Thursday morning Aaron and I got a few home things from Target! We bought kitchen canisters, a tea kettle, a pair of lamps, and a photo frame. I have a long list of other things to still buy though!

 2) New nail polish, finally. Thursday morning, we also stopped by Sally Beauty Supply on the way home from Target. Aaron bought some red hair dye, but forgot to buy the lightener as well so the red was barely noticeable. We'll have to redo it. I bought two new nail colors to add to my collection, and thank goodness too because I was running out of ideas with the few I have! Both are China Glaze, "For Audrey" blue and "Tree Hugger" green. Aren't they cute?

(Lady dates, half naked drawings, and white hair after the jump!)

 3) Fun day with Jessica! Later on Thursday (busy day!), my friend, Jessica, came over to hang out for a few hours. She choppd her hair off the day before, so this was my first time seeing it in person. It looks so cute on her, the photo doesn't do it justice! We walked to Ulta (stopping at Family Dollar, Best Buy, and DSW on the way to cool off) and she bought some nifty make up that I'll have to try. I forget the name now, but I'll remember it when I see it. After that, we went to Pin Kaow (my favorite Thai restaurant!) so I could show her its amazingness. She loved it about as much as I did! I had the usual and then for dessert we ordered sweet rice and mango. So good! It was a great day.

 4) Finished one of my drawings for my (not-so-secret now) project! WARNING: The drawing I'm posting doesn't show girly bits, but has visible boobs. Just saying. On Tuesday night, I finally finished one of the drawings I'm doing for what was originally a secret project. It's a drawing of Jaxy based on a photo from one of her Suicide Girl sets! I plan on doing a few more for other SG friends I have and giving it to them after. She was quite pleased with it and gave me permission to post it! I can't wait to start the next drawing.

 5) Coloring my hair white for the last month before giving it a rest. Saturday morning, my mom came over for our weekly catch up and helped me lighten my roots. Thank goodness, because it had been a month and a half since I last did it, so it was getting bad. Since I've decided to go back to my natural color after this month to let it grow, I'm going to use the last of my white dye this morning. I'm so excited, because I always look like a female clone of Sephiroth from FF7 when I use it. Here's a photo from the last time I used it!

What are you loving, this week? :)

All photos & drawing by myself.

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