Thursday, May 10, 2012

Home Hunt: 2012, Part 6

 This past Monday was moving day! During the morning, Aaron and I took our cats to my mom's apartment so that she and my sister could babysit them for a few days while we move. After that, Aaron, our friend Kaymon, and I went to the apartment office to finish up the paperwork, pay the rent, and get the keys. It took about an hour, but 10 minutes of it was waiting time. Kaymon was acting silly, so I entertained myself by taking a picture of him. lol

(Gas leak scares, strong men, and how the place looks so far after the jump!)

 After the office business was taken care of, we went to our new place to check it out before moving things in. For being the same floor plan as our old apartment, it sure was different! The entry way and dining room are vinyl flooring instead of carpet, the ceilings are extremely tall and have shelving, the walk-in closet seems bigger,  and we have more windows than the last place had. This place is great! The only thing I don't like is the brown accent wall in the living room and bedroom, but we plan on painting them another day. At one point, we thought we had a gas leak because the entire place smelled like gas, but we found out through the gas company that they set up our gas a day early and the smell was just from the set up. We opened all the windows to let it air out, so everything's fine now.

 After taking a look at the apartment, we went back to the old one so I could pack some last minute things and so the guys could start loading the truck with furniture. My mom came over to help out a bit as well, so it was nice to hang out with her. When noon came around, it was time for me to finally go to sleep in the old bedroom because I had work that night. So while I was asleep, my mom continued to help out with the little things, and Aaron and Kaymon moved everything to the new apartment. After I woke up, I got ready for work, then Aaron and I stopped by the new place so I could see the progress made, before work. I'm so excited for how much the guys got done!

 The next day, Aaron and I spent most of the day getting the rest of our stuff moved in and helping Jaxy move to her new place. By 3pm, we were passed out on the couch because it was the only empty space in the apartment, but we got everything done. I'm so proud of Aaron, he was up for over 48 hours straight to get this done! Here are a few pictures of how the place looks right now.

I'm so excited for the new apartment and to start decorating soon! :)

All photos by myself.

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