Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home Decor: After Week 1

 It's been a week and two days since Aaron and I moved into our new apartment and we couldn't be happier. We've unpacked about 80% of our stuff, I just need to finish unpacking my bedroom boxes and that part will be done. While we've been unpacking, we've also put up a lot of our wall decor. Here are a bunch of photos of what we've accomplished so far!

(Tons of photos of my apartment so far & May's to-do list, after the jump!)

 1) So much more organized now, right?
 2) My dad gave me that painting before he moved. I love it. :)
3) Boring bed, I know. Can you tell whose side is whose?
4) Our closet's still a mess. Also, Aaron's a geek. lol
5) Most of Aaron's clothes, laying where his new dresser will go.
I still need to reupholster my dress form shelf!
6) Aaron's graduation stuff and the shoe rack.
7) Front door, meh. I made that word art picture for mine and Aaron's anniversary!
 8) Stove stuff, I love my modern-kitsch shakers and measuring cups.
 9 & 10) The dining room / kitty play room / temporary old TV storage.
I'm thinking of doing something crafty with that TV.
11) Say hi to Aaron, in the background!
 12) The living room, definitely not complete yet. I'm loving the high ceilings!
 13) The fireplace, Aaron painted that painting (Anima from FFX). Also, why is Milla posing?
 14 & 15) We found a place for his Hylian Shield and Master Sword, so royal!
16) Fancy clock with a strange hanging art thing that Aaron had.
It kind of looks like a modern grandfather clock.

 During May, this is what we plan on doing:

  • Finish unpacking!
  • Rearrange furniture.
  • Finish hanging up the wall decor we have.
  • Buy a couple of new pieces.
 We have much more to do after that, but I'll be unveiling my plans each month and giving a sneak peek or two. After everything's done, I'll do a big reveal for each room! Mysterious, right?

I hope you're excited to see what's to come, I know I am! :)

All photos by myself.

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