Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 19 – Things That Upset Me

 A few things that upset me: Too many bad things happening at once, lots of big changes happening at once, and when something doesn't go the way I want it to at work. Looking at this list, I notice that it makes me look like a spoiled brat, but that's not the case. lol

 An example for too many bad things at once, let's say I got very sick the night before work, got heat exhaustion from waiting for a tow truck earlier in the day, have been trying to find someone to cover my shift at work for 4 hours straight, have a guy trying to buy the broken truck from me right on the spot when I have other things to worry about, and on top of all of that I have sleep deprivation. With all of that going on at once, I think anyone would be upset. And the funny thing is, all of that actually happened to me at the same time!

 As for changes, I'm not really one to like change, but I try to go with the flow of things. I might be upset at first, but after a while I tend to get over it and act like things have always been that way. I got that from my dad. lol

 At work, I like to have things a certain way and like to enforce the rules my company tells me to enforce. But if someone messes with my system while I'm not working or if a client tries to pull a fast one because they think I won't notice (which never happens because none of them are as sneaky as they think), I have to admit I get a little upset. I don't get angry enough to show it, but I hide how mad I get for the sake of professionalism. Flying off the handle won't help things, after all.

What kinds of things upset you? :)


  1. I think we get angry about a lot of the same things... in fact, I think most people do but out of fear of sounding like "spoiled brats" they hide it and lie about it later on. It's healthy to get upset. It's needed. If you were never upset you would never know what being truly happy felt like.

    Okay so I say the same mumble about love but it's true! You can't appreciate something fully until you dealt with it's best/worst sides.

    1. I couldn't have said it better myself! It's definitely healthy to get upset. If you just bottle everything up, it's bound to explode sooner or later. I would know. lol

      But I agree, you need the bad to truly appreciate the good. :)