Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 22 – Things I’m Good at

 In general, I like to think I have a good creative eye. I like to put together cute outfits, decorate rooms, decorate cakes, draw, practice amateur photography, and try other various artistic mediums.

 I spend lots of time on polyvore.com when I want to style outfits or decorate rooms without being near my own stuff. That isn't to say I don't spend days off playing dress up with what I've got though! lol

(Baked goods, drawings, and amateur photography after the jump!)

 On the slightly rare occasion that I bake cakes, I prefer to make them pretty instead of eating them as is. Who doesn't love a geeky cake or a cake with chocolate pudding and raspberries?

 Drawing, amateur photography, and other artistic mediums tend to be some of my most fun activities. I always try to learn a different art style or practice if I don't have any projects going on, so that my skills improve and stay sharp. Here are some of my favorites I've done!

What are you good at? :)

All photos & drawings by myself.

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