Sunday, June 3, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving: 5/28/12 - 6/3/12

 1) Another girl day with Jaxy! On Wednesday, Jaxy and I spent the day shopping around Miracle Mile and the Forum Shops. We looked around Agent Provocateur to look at the pretty lingerie that we'll never afford and talk to the cool employees, Victoria's Secret (who can refuse?), The Bettie Page store (one of my favorites!), Anthropologie, and a few other fancy stores. We went to the huge H&M for the first time to gawk at the decorations and try on cute, floral bras, and Jaxy danced on me while an old man happened to watch. lol For our lunch break, we went to the Cheesecake Factory (my 1st time) for Mojitos, the lunch specials, and cheesecake. So worth the $67! After lunch, we walked back to Miracle Mile and went to the regular H&M, where I got an owl tank top & a few pairs of cute earrings. Such a fun day!

 2) The start of mine and Jaxy's 365 Photo Project! June 1st was the first day of our 365 photo project. Our guidelines are basically just to either take one photo or mash up the day's highlight photos into one and post them on Instagram under the hashtag "#365". The photos can be of anything we want. Then at the end of each month, we plan on printing our month's photos and putting them in a book. Sounds like fun, right?

(Ceramic cats, PC gaming, and beaded-in extensions after the jump!)

 3) This fancy kitty Jaxy gave me. Before our shopping expedition on Wednesday, Jaxy gave me a surprise gift. She found a ceramic kitty at a thrift store and thought of me, so she bought it for me! So now it's official, I've unintentionally started collecting cat figures (I have 3 now). lol I named her Gretchen!

 4) Started playing Borderlands on PC again. On Friday, I finally starting playing PC games again for the first time since before moving! I've missed it. Currently, I'm playing Borderlands as Lilith (though I named her Cassandra and changed her colors). Isn't she cute?

 5) Spending a few hours with my sister on Friday. Chel stopped by on Friday night to "borrow" some cat food and bring me a couple tortillas for tofu tacos. She ended up staying for a couple of hours while we caught up on each other's week and she showed me her new beaded-in extensions. They look really good on her! I wish we could have gone to dinner, but nights in are fun too.

What are you loving, this week? :)

Borderlands - 2K Games, Jaxy's Blog - With Love, All photos by myself.


  1. WTF are beaded extensions? Did you mean braided?

    Day three and I almost missed #365... I'm terrible. I've started about fifty of these and the longest I ever went was one month. Challenging to say the least.

    1. lmao!
      Nope, I actually mean beaded. Somehow the hair is beaded into your own, so there's a bunch of beads attached near the scalp. I'll have the take a picture of the beads to show you hers.

      It's ok, I nearly missed yesterday. lol We can do it! Maybe we should set reminders near the end of the day? lol