Saturday, April 7, 2012

Home Hunt: 2012, Part 5

 Sorry for not posting this last Wednesday, but I was training somebody at work (same time I blog) and had to focus on that.

 On March 28th, the main apartment manager stopped by for our inspection. The only two things that he found wrong were a hair dye stain in the bedroom from when my sister lived with us and a light stain in the living room that will easily come out. Aside from that, he said the place was great, so that means that things are still a go for us to move into the new apartment on May 7th!

(Apartment wishlists come true, decorating ideas get colorful again,
and plant ideas take over after the jump!)

 The apartment I mentioned in Part 4 is still the one we're getting, since whatever we switch with now would be more expensive, but it's fine because it has the main features we want (second story, quiet area, updated). Now we just need to schedule a tour to make sure there aren't any holes or cracks and our whole wishlist will be filled! The manager revealed to us that the new apartment will be completely updated, the hall way and dining room will have linoleum instead of carpet, and the carpet baseboard (aka "wall carpet") will be gone. I'm so excited for this!

 As for decorating, I got Aaron to agree to paint a smaller wall in each room instead of having it all white, that way we can have a little color in our home, but still have the openness that the white gives. Yay for color! I'm still working on the furniture arrangements, since Aaron wants to get a few new things, but it's pretty much done. The thing I'm most excited for is our balcony! Since it'll be a little more secluded, I'll want to go out onto it more often, which means it has to look nice. Of course! The basic idea will be lots of plant life using as little space as possible, and with the power of Pinterest, I have so many ideas for how to make this a reality! Flowers and herbs, here I come! Here's a picture of the small balcony idea explosion I doodled last week.

If you have / had a small patio or balcony, how would you decorate it? :)

Doodle by myself.

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