Sunday, April 8, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving: 4/2/12 - 4/8/12

 1) My new laptop! My laptop got to my apartment on Monday and I've been using it constantly since. It's a HP dv6z Quad Edition with 8GB memory, 750GB hard drive, 1GB video card, and 1080p anti-glare display. This thing is my new baby. lol

 2) My Sims 3 obsession. Since I got my laptop, I also bought Sims 3 on Steam and play it every time I get on the computer. I even custom-make tattoos for it, I'm such a huge Sims geek. I play as Aaron and I and have made our apartment's floor plan into a house. Here's a couple photos of our simselves' tattoos, made to look just like the ones we actually have!

(Tax season, Thai food noms with Chel, and Instagram, all with photo's galore, after the jump!)

 3) Taxes? You might be thinking, "Who loves taxes?" People who get refunds, that's who! I thought I was going to have to owe money this year due to a "hiccup", but it turns out I'll be getting back a few hundred, just in time for moving next month!

 4) Weekly Pin Kaow with Chel. Going to Pin Kaow with my sister, Chelsea, has become a weekly thing for us to see how each other are doing. Chel has developed an obsession for Thai Iced Tea so she always chooses to go there. lol We were cracking each other up the entire time and she even got me to do an actual spit take! Luckily I covered my mouth in time, so lady-like. lol I also taught her how to properly use chopsticks, finally after 19 years. In the end, we shared / fought over fried ice cream, went back to my place for Margaret Cho and nail painting, and took silly pictures. It was a good day.

 5) Instagram finally hitting Android! I found out from Jaxy via Path and flipped out, I've been waiting forever for this! I've been taking random pictures of my cats and various things, but the photos look good at least. Follow me on Instagram if you like my random pictures and leave me a comment with your Instagram username for me to follow! My username is soleilradieux.

What are you loving this week? :)

All photos by myself.

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