Sunday, April 1, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving: 3/26/12 - 4/1/12

 1) Met the "new" day manager that I'll be working with. At work, all of the lead managers (day managers who work 4/7 days) had their locations switched, so I got to meet the new lead that I'll be working with on Mondays - Wednesdays. She seems nice (I'm no longer the only woman in an all guy location!), and she knows what she's doing. I think it'll be nice to work with her.

 2) Had a dinner date with Aaron! On Wednesday night, Aaron and I went to my now regular place, Pin Kaow. He had never been there before, so I thought I would show him how amazing it is. After dinner, he admitted that it was good, but still didn't get why I loved it so much. Maybe his mind will change if he orders something other than beef fried rice. I must convert him to the amazingness that is Pin Kaow!

(Technology, more om noms, and pleasant surprises after the jump!)

 3) My new laptop was shipped, on Wednesday! The laptop I ordered a week and a half ago finally shipped, on Wednesday. Since it's coming all the way from Shanghai, it's supposed to take a week. But luckily for me, it's seemed to be ahead of schedule, because it's last report came from here, in Vegas, for sorting! I'm sure I'll have it by Tuesday afternoon. I'm so excited!

 4) Cooked a lot! I ended up cooking 3 new meals for the first time. That's a record for me, considering I'm too tired to try new meals during the work week, and I stick to making what I know Aaron likes. He can be picky. lol I'll make a What's Cookin'? post with more details tomorrow.

 5) Realized that I got a raise at work and no one told me! On Friday, I got paid and noticed something was different on my pay stub. I realized that I got a 25 cent raise and nobody notified me about it! It was a pleasant surprise, it'll make saving money much easier.

What are you loving, this week? :)

Laptop -, Burger photo by myself.

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