Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Hunt: 2012, Part 4

 Things are starting to get rolling on the moving process! Last Wednesday, Aaron and I went to our apartment's office and talked to one of the managers. We told her that we want to renew our lease, but move to a 2nd story apartment in a quieter area instead. She was happy to help us and found one instantly! The only downsides are that it'll cost about $100 extra each month due to it being ready earlier than our move date, and the floor plan is flipped from our current one, so it looks like this.
It's not a huge deal, but I'm going to have to figure out our furniture placement long before moving day, since we have a sectional couch.

(More apartment talk, killing colors, and decor brainstorming after the jump!)

 We reserved the apartment, but the manager said we can switch to another apartment if a cheaper one becomes available. Even if we don't switch, I still can't wait to have an apartment that is almost secluded so we can open our windows. Plus, then I can have a balcony garden without worrying about it being messed with! Weird thing to worry about, I know, but someone smashed my pumpkin, last Halloween, so I'm not taking chances. lol

 Today, the main manager will be coming by our place to inspect it, over a month in advance, I'm assuming to make sure we're responsible enough to take care of the next place. Aaron has been painting the colorful walls back to white during his days off, it's probably best to get that over with now. I'm going to miss the colors, but I have to say, I like the white walls, because they make the rooms feel bigger. Chances are, we'll have all white walls in the new place, but I'm still rooting for some color on the smaller walls at least. lol

 So now, the next steps are saving some money for the deposits we'll have to pay and drawing out a plan for where the furniture will go. The deposits will be easy to save for, since I save money each paycheck anyways. I can't wait to decorate though, I've been thinking about it for months! I'll start brainstorming now!

Floor Plan - Camden Living (I just flipped it)

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