Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home Hunt: 2012, Part 3

 Since the end of our lease is coming up, around May 7th I believe, Aaron and I our going to talk to our apartment manager on Wednesday about getting a different apartment in their complex. We won't be having any roommates this time, so we're sticking with the one-bedroom floor plan we have now. The only difference is we want to be on the second story and in a quieter part of the complex, since our area will be getting louder in the Summer (we're right next to the pool). This is the floor plan, 814 sq. ft. / about 75.6 sq. meters!

(My apartment hunting conditions, characteristics of an upstairs neighbor, and brainstorming decor after the jump.)

 As for our conditions this time, this is what they'll be:

  • On the second story
  • Quieter area
  • Updated / working appliances and plumbing
  • No cracks or holes in the shower faucet (Can you believe we have that?)
  • No holes in the walls

 That's it, otherwise we aren't too picky. I think we would make good upstairs neighbors. We're generally quiet people, we don't stomp around like elephants, we have cats instead of dogs (so no barking or running sounds), and on the nights we don't work, we either watch tv / play video games at a suitable volume or catch up on sleep, so no waking up the people downstairs!

 As for decor ideas, I'm still thinking about that. All we know for sure is that Aaron doesn't want to paint, so no colored walls for me. But if we get another apartment with brown accent walls, I'm definitely putting primer over them! Chances are, the rest of our things are going to stick with the color schemes in each room we have now, so the living room will still be teal, kitchen is red, and bedroom is green. I can't wait to move everything around though!

It'll be nice to be able to let some sunshine in! :)

Floor Plan - Camden Living

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