Sunday, March 25, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving: 3/19/12 - 3/25/12

 1) My truck passed the smog test! Since my truck has a tendency to overheat, I was afraid that it wouldn't pass the smog test. It started to heat up during the test, but we got it done in time. Now we can get it officially re-registered next Wednesday!

 2) Got things started with moving into a new apartment. After the smog test, Aaron and I stopped by our apartment's office to talk about releasing, but moving to a different apartment. I'll be posting an update to Home Hunt 2012 within the next couple days, but in the meantime just know that things went well.

(The Titanic, dead bodies, and sharks (with photos!) after the jump.)

 3) Went to the Titanic Exhibit with Jaxy and Heather! Since my day with the two of them was a big one, I have to split it into 3 spots. In the morning, we started off by going to the Luxor and seeing the Titanic Exhibit! Before you go in, they take your group picture and give each person a "boarding pass" of someone who was actually on the ship and when the exhibit is over, you find out whether you died or survived. There was a lot of artifacts and information that I didn't know about before, very enlightening. I loved seeing all of the dishes and random belongings that were salvaged decades after the wreck. At the end, Heather and I lived and Jaxy had died, poor Jaxy. Once we got to the gift shop, we bought our group picture (I'll need to post it later) and I bought a caged coal necklace!

 4) Went to the Bodies Exhibit with Jaxy and Heather! Right next to the Titanic Exhibit was the Bodies Exhibit, so of course that was our 2nd stop! They took our group photo again and off to the exhibit we went. It's really hard to describe everything, but there were some neat displays of blood veins and nerves in the form they would be in in their natural places, minus everything else for that part. It was so awesome. There was also a bunch of full body displays of males, no females oddly enough. At one point, there's a section of fetal / baby displays, but for the people who can't go through that part due to emotional trauma, they can easily skip that area all together. I learned a lot from the exhibit, like that carbon dioxide is a cellular waste. Since Aaron wanted to go but couldn't, I got him a keychain of the back bones / pelvic bone.

 5) Went to the Shark Reef / lunch with... Jaxy and Heather! After Bodies, we walked through Mandalay Place (shops alley) to Mandalay Bay for the Shark Reef. This was the only place we were allowed to take pictures, so you better believe I played tourist! I got a few pictures of the sharks, snakes, and various giant fish, but my favorite parts were the "petting zoo", sting rays, and jelly fish. After that, we took the tram back to Luxor (Heather was excited about the tram!) and went to a Thai place called Komol for lunch. It had won awards for vegan food, but it wasn't that great of a selection. We later noticed that their awards were from 2004. lol When Heather was taking me home, some guy cut us off and we laughed for a few minutes after we saw his terrible, "bad ass" sleeve tattoos consisting of badly drawn flames and biker-style steel crosses. lol All in all, it was an amazing day!

What are you loving this week? :)


  1. OMG I love that picture of me with the teapot!

    We need full days of fun more often.

    1. I love it too, I had to put it up! :D
      Of course, if you didn't want me too, I would have taken it down too. lol
      We do, they make up for the lack-of-Jaxy days. lol
      Hopefully I can get my car this year so we can actually have transportation. :)

    2. Once I get moved we'll be able to see each other more often... I'll still be working two jobs but I won't have a curfew... and you'll be able to come over for homemade dinners and treats! OMG SLEEPOVERS!!!

    3. Woot, I'm so excited!
      I want sleepovers and treats! :D
      And we can make vegan om noms. :)