Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Celebrating a year of awesomeness!

 This past Saturday was mine and Aaron's first anniversary! We had a great night planned, so we dressed up a bit. Unfortunately, I couldn't get him to take an outfit photo of me, but I wore my burnt orange with creme dots dress, black thigh high socks with black tights under that, black boots (no heels for me), and a faux leather bomber jacket. He wore a white button up shirt, black tie, black slacks, black hoodie-jacket hybrid,  and what I call his "Frankenstein boots" (nice shoes, they just make him taller. lol). 

(Sushi, alcohol, and hippie communes after the jump.)

 Our first stop was Osaka in Summerlin, a Japanese restaurant not too far from home, for sushi and drinks. I had a lychee martini (with a whole lychee in it!) and he got the pomegranate martini, which was a bit too bitter.
For sushi, we shared the 007 rolls (shrimp tempura roll topped with spicy tuna), Caterpillar rolls (eel roll wrapped with avocado), and regular Shrimp Tempura rolls.
For dessert was Trio du Creme Brule, which were 3 small cups with vanilla and chocolate chip, green tea, and some sort of bean. It all was amazing food and well worth the price! I recommend looking this place up if you're in Vegas.

 After dinner, we went to the movies and saw Wanderlust. Such a funny movie! The two main characters (Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston) have to move from New York to the husband's brother's house in Georgia and on their way there, they stay at a bed and breakfast / hippie commune. I don't want to give away anything else, but I suggest leaving the kids home when you go see this, because there's a lot of words and images not suitable for them, like uncensored nudity and such. But with all that stuff, it's a hilarious movie!

 When we got home at 1am, we spent the rest of the night watching Netflix and playing video games. As for gifts, he gave me a new, sterling silver necklace chain for a pendant he gave me when we first moved in together and I gave him a framed picture of word art involving words of all the things we've done in our first year as well as a scrapbook of all of our pictures, including a page just for that night's photos. It was definitely the best anniversary I've ever had. :)

All photos by myself.

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