Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Home Hunt: 2012, Part 2!

 Apparently it won't be as epic as it was originally intended. Aaron decided to give up doing a real search and instead, wants to get a different apartment in the same complex, since they already know us. We still might get a roommate, but we'll see. So instead of an epic search, it'll be a small one followed by a new series about my interior design endeavors!

 I'm pretty excited, it'll be nice to get an apartment upstairs and re-experiment with my furniture and paints, as well as be able to put some plants on my balcony without worrying about someone coming along and ruining them. Since we know what to look out for this time, we'll make sure the place is in top condition before we move in, so we aren't stuck with appliance and plumbing problems.

If you were looking for a place, what features would make or break a deal, in your opinion? :)

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