Monday, January 16, 2012

What's Cookin'? 1/16/12

 This past week or so, we've been eating a lot of chicken. Which is good, because we don't normally eat it often, but we'll probably avoid it for a while after the last of the chicken is gone. lol

Chicken, Bacon, and Apple Wrap
 Yep, chicken, bacon, and apples. When I first saw this recipe, I thought it was strange, But after making it, I can honestly say that it's something I'll try making again after a tweak or two in the recipe. It's a nice mixture of sweet and Dijon-mustardy, plus bacon! I know Dijon-mustardy isn't a word to describe flavor, but bare with me. How else could you describe it?

(Pitas after the jump.)

Chicken Ranch Pitas
 The original recipe was "Chicken Salsa Ranch Pitas", but we decided to leave out the salsa this time. I'm sure the salsa would be good, but we added teriyaki to our chicken and thought it would be strange with salsa. Anyways, this dish was as good as I'd hoped if not more so! All that was in it was chicken, ranch, cheese, and mixed stir fry vegetables on two wheat pitas, so it was kind of quick and basically tasted like a chicken salad with ranch dressing.

 Also, making the Chicken Ranch Pitas was my first time cooking chicken and it turned out great! I don't know why I was so worried it would be difficult before, maybe the salmonella factor. Aaron always cooked the chicken for me before, but now I can do it if he feels too tired to bother with it! And again, if anyone wants to suggest a meal for me to try, please post a comment. I'm open to anything!

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