Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 12 – Bad Habits and Burdens

 Let's see, my bad habits and burdens... I would have to say they are biting my nails (I've been using nail polish to quit, week 4!), scratching my head often for no reason (only when I can't bite my nails), ALWAYS running late for something, feeling too lazy or tired to do something (not frequent, but often enough to be notable), under-dressing on my days off (PJs became a uniform for a while...), falling asleep with my glasses on, and I get into a cleaning freak out frenzy if the apartment gets too messy (I completely refuse to stop or relax until I'm done cleaning, weird).

 I'm trying to quit all my habits, though it might take a while, but I like my cleaning frenzy so I'm in no hurry to change that. lol Wish me luck! I would have skipped this post since it's so boring, but I have to stick to the list of topics for the challenge. lol

What are some bad habits or burdens that you have? :)

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