Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Goals!

 Happy New Year everyone! How has your New Years been? I'm spending mine at work with no holiday pay. At least I still get paid at all though! I've been sitting here at my desk, thinking of what kinds of things I want to accomplish in 2012, so...

 My list of future accomplishments in the New Year!:
1) Practice drawing more often.
2) Try different art forms.
3) Start selling my artwork and crafts if I get good enough.
4) Try cooking a new, advanced meal once a week.
5) Start growing my own cooking herbs.
6) Start sewing again (need a new machine!).
7) Go on more adventures / dates with Aaron.
8) Hang out with my friends more often.
9) Expand my vintage camera collection to more than 1. lol
10) Blog more often!
(More after the jump.)

11) Try to become a pescetarian.
12) Let my nails grow.
13) Put more effort into my looks on my days off (PJs are a bad habit).
14) Get healthier by taking vitamins and exercising in some form.
15) Get another tattoo.
16) Save money for my more expensive necessities (new laptop, car, etc.).
17) Sell the truck my dad gave me.
18) Get a driver's license (can you believe I haven't done that yet?).
19) Buy a new car.
20) Finally start school!

 My list isn't as long as some others I've seen, but I think it suits me just fine. I hope you have a happy, positive New Year and send some love Japan's way for the earthquake that just happened. I hope everyone's safe!

What are some goals you have for 2012? :)

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