Monday, December 19, 2011

A Surprise Instead of an Apartment Update

 I would've gotten some progress on apartment stuff this week (not to mention cooking and blog writing), but Aaron and I had to use our money and time on something much cuter. Let me give you a hint, it's fuzzy, little, and it's not a moldy loaf of bread. Give up?

(Adorable surprise after the jump.)

 I'd like you to meet Angelina, my new cat! According to her health papers, her original name was Snookie, so I can see why her name was changed. lol For my early Christmas present, Aaron took me to PetCo on Saturday to look at the cats from All Fur Love Animal Society, a non-profit animal rescue / adoption organization that takes their animals to a couple of PetCo locations in Las Vegas over the weekends to show them off in hopes to get them adopted. Originally, we went there to see a cat that we contacted them about a few days earlier, but we found out that she caught a cold so she couldn't go this weekend. We decided to look at their other cats anyways and I'm glad we did.

 Angelina is a one year old (as of today!) that was abandoned a couple months earlier at a pet hospital. She was pregnant with three kittens, whom grew to be a healthy litter that were already adopted before it was Angelina's turn. Her foster-mom said she had been showing Angelina for a month before we came along. As soon as we were approved, I bought all the basic necessities and a couple toys, including these classy, small ceramic dog bowls (the cat bowls weren't very great). And no worries, the ceramic bowls have an anti-bacterial glaze so no getting sick!

 She's been adjusting to our home well, though we have to keep her and Bowie separate for a while. Angelina has no problem with Bowie, but he's having territorial and jealousy issues right now so he isn't exactly being friendly. In the meantime, Angelina gets to live in our bedroom while Bowie gets to control the rest of the apartment and mope on the couch.

 For more information about All Fur Love Animal Society and how to adopt, donate, or volunteer, go to their facebook page or :)

Ceramic Food Bowl - PetCo, All other photos by myself.

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