Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not Quite Winter Yet

Beret - Forever21 // Scarf - American Apparel // Pendant - Gift from Aaron
Dress (Used as Top) - American Apparel // Pants - American Apparel // Boots - Diba

(More about the day and my tattoo after the jump.)

 During my work night I don't do much to be honest, and so I thought I would take some pictures and post it here and on my lookbook! Tonight has been pretty slow, I ate some vegetable eggrolls and cup of noodles before work, got ready, came to work and did work stuff, and now I'm eating some delicious ribs with corn and mashed potatoes that one of my clients saved for me, while I wait until 6am to do some more work stuff.
 It tastes as good as it looks! He didn't put any seasoning on the potatoes, so after doing a spice experiment on them I found out that lemon pepper tastes amazing on mashed potatoes. Who knew?

 And if any of you have been wondering how my tattoo has turned out after healing since this post, it's healed perfectly. Not a single part has been discolored! But even if it was, he would touch it up for free. I can't wait to get another tattoo done by Willy, I already have it planned out. A friend of mine even booked an appointment with my artist after I told her about him, she's so excited!

What did you wear today? :)

All photos by myself, Tattoo done by Willy Cutlip.

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