Sunday, November 20, 2011

Apartment Sneak Peeks

 I thought I would give you a sneak peek of the work Aaron and I have done in our apartment. There's so much color, it's turning into a cheery home!

 1) A pyramid of tiny jars filled with jam and honey that a client gave me and my nesting doll measuring cups. 2) We moved the microwave off of the shelf to underneath it, then used the shelf as a display bar. 3) Our red pot holders and mitt along with the matching nesting doll measuring spoons. 4) We decided to move our jars since we needed their previous spot for a new appliance Aaron's mom got us, and put my cat salt and pepper shakers in front of them. His mom also got us some holiday pot holders and I can't wait to use them! 5) Our Asian display wall above our dining table, Aaron put it together. The fans are actually from Japan around WWII!

(Sneak peeks of my living room after the jump.)

 6) Aaron's Hylian Shield and Master Sword, we just had to put them up somewhere. Geek pride! 7) Our seating arrangement in the living room, there's actually another chair there. I might change that eventually. 8) My office / studio space is still a big work in progress. Don't you just love that dress form shelf though? I'll reupholster it soon.

 So that's about it so far, we're only half way finished. I'm so happy with the progress we've made so far, but I'm extremely excited about what it's going to look like after it's all done. I'll make sure to take some nicer pictures for the big reveal!

All photos by myself.

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