Sunday, November 20, 2011

5 Things I'm Loving: 11/13/11 - 11/20/11

 I've seen a few other bloggers do this and thought it was a good way to think of the positives of a week instead of being stuck on the negatives. I'm going to try to start this as a series for every Saturday/Sunday night!

 1) How mine and Aaron's apartment is transforming into a gorgeous home! We've painted, cleaned, unpacked, and organized most of the place, but there's still a little more to be done. I'll post about it soon!

 2) Drawing. I've been doing a lot of it lately to shake the webs off, like this one I did as a late birthday present for a friend of mine. You can find other drawing styles on my deviantArt!

(More things I'm loving after the jump.)

 3) I keep finding new pieces of clothing that I'd give part of my ear for, taking a cue from Van Gogh. My favorite piece lately is the Burnt Sienna Sweetheart Dress, reminds me of Fall. ♥


 4) Being able to sleep for a full day now that my sister's dog isn't in our apartment anymore! When Bubba was there, he would bark for hours every time my sister and her boyfriend would leave, making it hard for Aaron and I to sleep. Since they moved on Friday, we've gotten a full 8 hours as opposed to 3 or 4. You can only imagine how happy we are!

 5) This video from youtube that I found on Sometimes Sweet. When I'm an older woman, I want to be like these women! They have great style.

What are you loving this week? :)

Video - Universo Enfim, Dress Photo -, Drawing by myself.

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