Sunday, November 13, 2011

Moving Day and Paint!

 Friday was the big day, and we were busy all day. Aaron and I slept the night before and woke up at 8am so that we could start loading up the truck before my sister and her boyfriend picked up their new apartment keys. We had about six people moving things from one side of the complex to the other (close move!) and ended up getting their apartment moved in in 4 and a half hours! It didn't help that the carpet cleaners for my apartment showed up an hour early, made us rush to get everything out faster, and my sister was already getting complaints from her new neighbors about her dog barking while we were moving, but it got done pretty quickly. By the evening, we were left with decently cleaned carpets and more space.
We ended the day with putting up painters' tape and hooking up our internet before Aaron had to go to work and I spent my night off cleaning up the place.

(More about painting the apartment after the jump.)

 Saturday was painting day! I woke up at 9am to find Aaron half-primed the living room wall and was about to start painting the dining room. After I finished priming the living room and Aaron was half way done with the first coat in the dining room, our friend, Kaymon, came over to help. There were lots of distractions, but we finally started painting the living room.
Kaymon thought he'd start it off by tagging our wall with a mini paint roller. lol By 5pm, we finally finished painting with two coats of paint for each accent wall along with a coat of primer for the living room. They look gorgeous!
That blue is teal, my phone just doesn't like that color. Painters' tape is still on in both.

 Today, we're finally getting the rest of our furniture from storage with the help of Kaymon and should be done before work tonight! Thank goodness we're sleeping in the morning, I've been up since 9am and work until 8am today, but poor Aaron has been up since Friday at 8am and works until 8am today as well. That's 48 hours that he'll be awake!

I hope everyone has a more relaxing weekend than we will!

All photos by myself.

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