Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nesting Dolls, Checklist Mats, and Lots of Red!

I've gotten a lot of stuff the past week or so! Some things were exactly what I wanted and some were kind of second choice, but it's all cute. Here's what I got!

First of all, Aaron and I bought our paint and primer for the living room and kitchen! They are the same colors I showed you from my last apartment post, Behr Premium Plus in an eggshell finish, and Kilz Latex Interior/Exterior Primer. The primer is to cover the ugly light brown color in the living room, but we're also going to use it on a bulletin board we have that will be going in that room. It will all make sense when I eventually do a big reveal!

(More things we got to remind us before we leave the apartment and to spice up the kitchen after the jump.)

For the entrance way, I bought an indoor mat from Urban Outfitters for $18 US. It's so cute and will be a nice cover up if any stains my sister left come up after the carpet cleaning!

In the bathroom, I bought roller shower curtain hooks from Urban Oufitters for $10 US. They glide across the curtain rod so smoothly!
I also bought a frosted shower curtain liner from Urban Oufitters for $9 US. It has an extra inch on each side, keeping the decorative curtain dry, and has magnets to keep the curtain secure. Unfortunately, my tub doesn't have any metal in it for the magnets to stick, but I have an idea to fix that.

For the kitchen, I bought so much! To start with, I got a red, 10-Piece cookware set by Mainstays from Walmart for $39 US. I love this set because the handles don't get too hot, food doesn't stick to the pots and pans, and of course the color!
Next is the red 16-Piece, square dish set by Hometrends that I got from Walmart for $35 US. The dishes are big so they'll be good for Thanksgiving, and the red matches the cookware set. I've always preferred square dishes over the traditional circle dishes.
For glassware, I got this 16-Piece set by Anchor from Walmart for $20 US. It comes with eight 12 oz. mini glasses and eight 16 oz. regular glasses. I just love the shape of them, they seem so 60's-inspired to me! See a pattern?
Yet another piece from Walmart, I bought this 20-Piece silverware set by Oneida for $28 US. The design on the set is so unique compared to the floral and wavy sets in the world, plus it matches the shape of the dishes!
Now for the last two pieces, they are some of the most adorable kitchen pieces I've ever seen, apart from the cat salt and pepper shakers I showed you in the last apartment post. The first one is this nesting doll measuring cup set I bought from Urban Outfitters for $12 US. Each half of the nesting dolls are a different sized cup and they're made of plastic so they won't break if I drop them. Functional, clutz-proof, and cute enough to display on my counter top!
The second piece is a part of the same set the first piece came in and I just had to buy this too. It's the matching nesting doll measuring spoon set I bought from Urban Outfitters for $8 US! Just like the measuring cups, they're functional and adorable enough to hang next to the stove.

So there you have it, all of the things I've bought for my apartment thus far this past week or so, I hope I gave you some design ideas for your own space!

Shower curtain hooks and liner - Urban Outfitters
Cookware, dishes, glassware, and sliverware - WalmartRest of photos by myself.

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