Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 07 – My Beliefs or Philosophy

I don't consider myself as a part of any one religion, but I do believe in some sort of higher power. I believe in having good morals and doing the right thing when you know right from wrong, just as almost every other religion preaches. I don't believe that if I do the wrong thing, I'll go to Hell or some sort of Hell-like place, but I do believe in Karma in a sense, plus it's just better to be nice to everyone. The thought of just becoming dead is too pessimistic for me, so I like to think that all of our souls go to a certain place after death, not being judged of whether or not we were good enough during our lives. I also like to think that we have more than just one life, we go to this "certain place" for as long as we like, then eventually start a new life all over again.

In my opinion, the only things that should matter is having good morals and doing whatever makes you happy in life instead of living in fear of your judgement day. And if a higher power does exist, I highly doubt they could ever hate a living creature for their sexual orientation. Someone is born gay or straight, but they have the choice to either hide in the closet, or be themselves, and the hypothetical higher power gave them the freedom to choose that.

Didn't mean to bring the sexual orientation thing into this, but religious / spiritual beliefs and sexual orientation seem to go hand-and-hand nowadays. lol Anyways, that's what I believe.

What are your beliefs? And please, no religion / LGBT bashing. :)

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