Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apartment Update... again!

While I was in Reno a couple of weeks ago, I got some great news from my mom. The apartment complex Aaron and I are in now approved us to completely take over her lease by November 11th, so we can stay in the same apartment and my sister and her boyfriend will move with my mom to a 2 bedroom apartment in the same complex! So we get the place to ourselves (finally!), my sister and her boyfriend get an actual bedroom instead of a living room, my mom can have her own place again, and everyone gets their own bathrooms! lol

This is the floor plan of our place, ignore the furniture proportions because the place is a bit bigger than the floor plan looks. lol It's about 814 sq. ft. / 75.6 sq. m. I don't know how we managed having 4 people living in a 1 bedroom apartment, but for just Aaron and I it's perfect. I've been so excited to decorate the entire place, I have tons of design plans already put together. I even already bought a couple of things for the living room! I won't give any details away just yet, but I'll definitely take some pictures through the designing process for some teasers before the big reveal.

It'll be great to have friends and family over without feeling embarrassed about the clutter and mess, plus we're going to get a 2nd cat so Bowie isn't lonely when we're working. Also, we'll have the kitchen to ourselves, which means I can cook and bake more! I have a feeling I'll become more of a Susie Homemaker once everything is settled. lol

What's your living situation like?
What kinds of home decor styles do you prefer? :)

Floor plan - Camden Living

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