Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Birthday & the Reno trip!

I just got back from my vacation at 10am on Monday, one week went by too quickly! Aaron, Carley, her girlfriend, and I did so much while Aaron and I stayed with them. Lots of driving too, thank goodness we drove there instead of flew. lol Here are lots of pictures!

For starters, my birthday! I woke up to Aaron giving me a bouquet of gorgeous flowers in all colors, he's so sweet.
After that, my sister and I made birthday cupcakes and used the leftover mix for a small birthday cake loaf.

They were angel food cupcakes with chocolate pudding as the "frosting" and rasberries.
After making the cupcakes, Aaron and I made dinner together! It was curry seasoned salmon with noodles and stir fried vegetables. I accidentally put too much ginger into it, but it was great for a first try.

(The road trip to Reno, food, and other silly photos after the jump.)

The morning after, Aaron and I started driving all the way to Reno, about 7 and a half hours.
Aaron had been up since 1pm the day before, but he still drove all the way up and stayed awake until later that night! During the ride up there, we found some weird things.
The Cherry Patch brothel, complete with brothel museum next door!
A condom dispenser I found at a random gas station. lol
Cows! Not really weird, but I had only seen them in Kentucky before.
After finally getting there, we got to Carley's condo and put our stuff away, then went for coffee at 6pm at a hipster cafe called Java Jungle.

The next day, we all tried a hot dog place called Freeman's Natural Hotdogs.
Since Carley and Glynis are vegan, and I wanted to try to stick with being vegan for a week (but ended up being pescetarian), we thought it would be the perfect place to go since they serve veggie dogs as well as beef hotdogs.
My veggie dog on a poppy seed bun, with tomatoes, vegan cheddar, ketchup, mustard, and a bunch of other stuff. :)
I had no idea you can use corn to make cups, I was surprised!
Aaron, using the force on his drink. lol
Carley being Carley. :)

That day and the next consisted of mostly driving around town and hanging out at the condo. Tuesday, we went to a bagel place called the Daily Bagel. It was such a cute little place and it was connected to a salon. lol
Sticking with the veggie theme, I got a veggie bagel sandwich on a cranberry bagel.
That night we had vegan burritos, but unfortunately I don't have a picture of that. It was soooo good, Glynis is an awesome cook!

Finally on Wednesday, we went out to a pizzeria called Pie Face where we met a couple of Carley's friends and played bingo. Winner got either a free slice of pizza, pint of beer, or a mystery prize. Most of our group didn't win, but Kelsi won about 3 times! After enough pizza, she decided to get the mystery prize and it ended up being some movie I've never heard of. lol
Our pile of fail. lol

On Thursday, we got the chance to hang out with Aaron's best friend, Nick, for dinner and he showed us around UNR. The entire campus is huge and all of the buildings are brick! When we stopped at the pond on campus, a wave of ducks surrounded us, most likely looking for food, but ended up eating a bush behind us.
Nick also tried to feed them grass. lol
The evening was cut short when Nick had to go do homework and work-related stuff, but I could tell Aaron was happy to see his best friend again. lol

Friday was Carley's 21st birthday! It started with random errands, but we had fun with them and ran around like little kids once we got to Target. lol
She was so excited when she found this bat pillow. lol We also found some faux fur bear hats!
Aaron bought a strange Halloween mask, it reminded him of the game Bioshock and renaissance doctors' masks. It's freakish, but I like it!
We also went to the mall later that day and I bought lots of new clothes, something I almost never do for myself! I'll eventually put outfits together and take look pictures.

That night, we went bar-hopping (with designated drivers in tow) starting at Little Waldorf Saloon, then Ole Bridge Pub and a gay nightclub called 5 Star where we went dancing. I have to admit, I'm a bit of a lightweight, but at least I know my limits!
One of the many drinks consumed that night.
Everyone that was there that night except myself and Pauline. :)
Carley groping her girlfriend, Glynis, while for some reason, Matt's touching her head. lol
Aaron and I being cute. <3
My birthday buddy and I! Apparently I get affectionate when I'm drunk. lol We eventually made our way to a Vietnamese restaurant at 3am. The food was great and it helped to sober us up a bit. lol

Saturday, we stopped at the Blind Onion, a bar / pizzeria, for some dinner and college football before going to a birthday party in Carley's honor at a couple of her friends' apartment.
UNR lost to Texas Tech by 1 point, but they were winning up until the very last touchdown! Once we got to the birthday party, we met most of Carley's other friends, drank a tiny bit more, and played Sour Apples to Apples.
Photo Lauren took with Instax film, from one of her many, many cameras. lol
Sidni, Carley, and I (plus the finger puppet named Princess Steven). lol

Since Sunday was our last day, Carley and Glynis treated us to lunch at a brewery called Great Basin Brewery, where we had amazing bar food and good beer. We ordered a sampler tray of all of the beers on tap, it was fun trying them all.
My favorite one was the Harvest Ale because it was fruity, but it ended up tasting more bitter through the course of the lunch.
For lunch, we ordered a platter of deep fried veggies and garlic fries. There was deep fried zuchini, artichoke hearts, onion rings, and my favorite, deep fried pickles!
I stuck with eating veggies for most of the week, but I couldn't resist the hot buffalo wings they had!
I could tell Aaron was ready to start eating more meat again, because he ended up ordering a bacon burger. lol
At the end of lunch, we went window shopping down the street, starting with a sex shop called Chocolate Walrus. lol
It was interesting, but we decided to move on to the next shop, an expensive hippie store named the Melting Pot. We found lots of cool things, like an ugly beanie Aaron saw.
Next was a random puppy store, where I saw the cutest wittle puppy!
Our last stop was a thrift / antique store named Junkee!
We spent most of our time in the antique section, where I took lots of pictures.

I was in heaven when I kept finding teal kitchenware, until I realized we plan on having a red kitchen. lol I ended up buying a couple of pin up prints for $7 each and this amazing dress form turned funky shelf for our living room, I'll take pictures when the room's put together. The dress form shelf has denim on it, but I'm going to take that off to see what's underneath, then either paint it or reupholster it in black and white polka dots. I can't wait!

We wandered around the clothing section, but didn't find much except for some cute kitty hats.
Aaron thought it would be appropriate to make a "Bubba face" in his picture. Bubba is my sister's dog. lol
After a lot of shopping around, we decided to walk back to the car, Aaron carrying my new "girlfriend" shelf. lol There's a lot of murals in Reno, I love it.

When we got back to the condo, we tried to get in as much hang out time as we can before leaving at midnight. I miss my best buddy a lot already, but it was a great vacation week. :)

Have any vacation stories of your own? :)

All photos taken by myself or by friends.

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