Monday, September 12, 2011

Review: 'N Rage Crimson Red Hair Dye

Since I finally redyed my hair, I'm going to review the 'N Rage demi-permanent hair dye I used back in the end of July.

I used the 'N Rage demi-permanent hair dye in Crimson Red around July 26th on faded auburn, slightly damaged hair. For my hair length, it took about 1 and a quarter bottles. It's a really thick cream, so it doesn't drip but it's really difficult to get out of the bottle. I recommend just taking the cap off and using a stick or long comb handle to mix it up, then squeeze the bottle into your hand as hard as you can, as the bottle itself is thick plastic. I left the color on for an hour and rinsed it out in cold water, then used color safe shampoo, I recommend Garnier Fructis Color Shield Fortifying Shampoo, and rinsed it in cold water again. It made my hair feel so much healthier and softer! The result was this:
(Picture was taken 2 days after coloring, don't mind the Terminator shades. lol)

(More about 'N Rage Crimson Red Hair Dye after the jump.)

I washed my hair every other day in cool water with the same shampoo and by August 10th (2 weeks and 1 day / about 7 washes after coloring), it became a medium-light redish pink.

I recolored my hair about August 12th to bring back the red and dye my dark ash blonde roots that were starting to come in, going through the same process and time I did the first time. The red was back, but it didn't color my healthy roots at all, so I had bright red hair and blonde roots! Sorry, no picture of that.

After an entire month went by, it was back to a medium / light pink so I started using dandruff shampoo in hot water to strip out the color. The last of the color was difficult to get out and on September 1st it looked like this:
Still has some red in the bangs, but the rest of it was almost back to the color it was before.

After waiting until September 9th (a month and a half after I first colored it), I finally decided to redye my hair using a different, permanent brand even though a little bit of the previous color was STILL left.

So overall, the color was great, but it didn't last long, given it was red and demi-permanent. If you don't mind coloring your hair every 2 weeks and don't mind spending $22 (about $11 per 4 oz. bottle) each month just on hair color, then go for it! Otherwise, I recommend finding something else if you want to stick with the same color long-term, possibly a more permanent red.

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