Monday, October 24, 2011

Colors, 1960's, and Cats!

 I have 2 weeks and 4 days until my sister and her boyfriend move out and I've been planning out my interior decor nonstop. I have color schemes, decor styles, and furniture all planned, so now I just need to actually buy everything.

(The colors I chose and things I've already bought after the jump.)

 For my living room, my color scheme is black, white, and teal. You read right, teal. I don't mean just a few teal accent pillows, I mean a few accent pillow covers that I'll be sewing myself...
A teal accent wall to cover up the ugly light brown that's already there, and...
BAM! This amazing teal arm chair! I love the shape of this chair, it seems very 60's-inspired to me. The color also matches the wall color I picked out exactly. Bowie loves it too!
I also bought this white leather couch with matching ottoman a few months back, but it's been sitting in storage. I can't wait to get it into the apartment!

As for the kitchen / dining room, we're going with black, white, and red!
 This medium, vivid red is going on the wall that connects the kitchen to the dining room. It's a bold choice, but we'll be in this apartment for a long time, so we figured it wouldn't be a waste. We're also bringing the red into our plates, pots, and some other things. There will still be some all black and all white kitchenware too, like this cute pair of salt and pepper shakers I got from last week!
I love their long, slender, 60's style bodies, and the way they lack detail makes it more modern and less "crazy cat lady". lol I've ordered a few more things this week, but I won't get them until about Friday.

 I'll keep you updated as my plans develop and I add more pieces. I can't wait until everything's in place!

Do you have any home decor plans for your space(s)? :)

Teal Paint - Home Depot, Couch photo by a friend, Rest of photos by myself.

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