Monday, December 31, 2012

2012's New Year's Goals: How Did I Do?

 Happy New Year's Eve! Since it's officially the last day of 2012, how about I go over the goals I set, last New Year's, and see how far I've come?

 2012 New Year's Goals:
1) Practice drawing more often.
 I've actually practiced quite a bit. I tried various styles and continue to do so. I'm hoping to find a style I like best, soon!

(See how I did with the rest of my New Year's goals, after the jump!)

2) Try different art forms.
 Unfortunately, the only different medium I've done was crocheting. It's a lot of fun though, so no complaints! I got some watercolor pencils for Christmas and hope to try them, soon.

3) Start selling my artwork and crafts if I get good enough.

 Nothing's been sold yet, but I've done plenty of art requests. Since I've gotten so many recently, I plan on getting things together to start selling, in the next month!

4) Try cooking a new, advanced meal once a week.
 There was a while when I stopped making new meals, so I failed the "once a week" part, but I did make lots of new meals that I liked!

5) Start growing my own cooking herbs.
 I tried to grow Basil at one point, but it died 3 days later. I don't think I have a green thumb...

6) Start sewing again (need a new machine!).

 I haven't gotten a new machine yet, so the extent of my sewing was hand-sewing holes in clothing, if that.

7) Go on more adventures / dates with Aaron. 
 We've actually gone on a lot more dates, this year, which has been great! We even had a week-long vacation, where we went to our local anime convention! I'd say this was a success.

8) Hang out with my friends more often.
 Unfortunately, I didn't really succeed at this one. There's only so much I can do without a car!

9) Expand my vintage camera collection to more than 1. lol
 Success! I managed to find 3 more on my own, this year, plus I got two for Christmas (along with an antique photography accessory)! Now I need a bigger shelf to put them all on...

10) Blog more often!

 This was a huge fail, considering the hiatuses I've been on, this year. Maybe next year?

11) Try to become a pescetarian.

 I've done even better, I've become a vegan! It's been 3 weeks and I already feel better than I did. (By the way, the cheese is vegan cheese.)

12) Let my nails grow.
 I was able to stop biting my nails for a while, but I somehow started again and now have "nail biter nubs". Time to try again!

13) Put more effort into my looks on my days off (PJs are a bad habit).
 This has actually been working quite well. I put together outfits for my weekends now, which is lots of fun!

14) Get healthier by taking vitamins and exercising in some form.
 I've been taking lots of vitamins since the beginning of the year and I used to go to the gym, but have taken a break from that for a couple of months. My body feels better, thanks to the vitamins! Now I just need to get back on track with the gym.

15) Get another tattoo.
 In July, I got my 2nd tattoo, a vintage dress form! I absolutely love it.

16) Save money for my more expensive necessities (new laptop, car, etc.).

 I bought a new laptop and have half of what I need for a new drawing tablet! Yay! Just have to keep saving.

17) Sell the truck my dad gave me.

 I managed to sell the truck, and just in time too! The day before I sold it, it broke down and needed to be towed home. I told the buyer this and he still bought it for $600. 

18) Get a driver's license (can you believe I haven't done that yet?).

 Still haven't gotten around to this! I plan on practicing driving again, soon.

19) Buy a new car.

 Not quite yet.

20) Finally start school!
 I haven't started school, but I got the ball rolling! I officially start school on January 7th.

 So I've accomplished 10 of these goals, and the rest was either never started, or I tried. I think I did pretty well, though! Maybe next year, the incomplete goals will be accomplished?

Did you accomplish any of your New Year's goals? :)


  1. You actually got two cameras for Christmas and an accessory. :P

    1. Oops! Sorry, wrote this when I was tired. lol