Friday, September 28, 2012

Outfit: 9/27/12

Top - Hot Topic (strange, right?)
Pants - American Apparel
Ankle Booties - Dr. Scholl's
Necklace - Gift from Aaron
Glasses - Levi Strauss

(My first pair of casual heels and my school appointment after the jump!)

 First of all, are you loving these ankle booties as much as I am? I got them last week and thought my appointment, yesterday, was the perfect time to wear them! Believe it or not, they're Dr. School's brand. They're so easy to walk in, I had to get them. My first pair of adult shoes! lol

 I wore this outfit to my meeting with my admissions director at the school I plan on going to, whom I've been working with for nearly two years. Unfortunately, she had to leave early, but I was able to talk with another admissions director instead. I brought in the artwork that I'm putting in my admissions portfolio, some of which I'm still working on, and she seemed to love what I have already. Thank goodness! After looking over my work, she took me on a tour of the school. Nothing in the school had changed in two years, but it just made me more excited to start school soon! We went back to the office to talk about tuition and such and luckily for me, the price of tuition had dropped by $20,000 since I was last there. 

 So now I still have lots of work to do! I have a deadline to finish my portfolio by mid-November, but I'm sure I'll finish it by the end of October. I also have to write my essay for admissions, which is currently only in its first draft. Yikes! I'm so excited, but so nervous as well. I've been working to get into this school for two years and I hope nothing gets in my way, like things have been. Wish me luck! :)

All photos by myself.

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