Saturday, September 22, 2012

Birthday Celebrations and Lots of Work!

 Long time no see! Sorry I've disappeared, I've been extremely busy. So how about a recap of the last couple of weeks?

 The past 10 days, I've been celebrating my 22nd birthday! I worked on my actual birthday, so I had to do it on my days off. On the 12th, I celebrated with Jaxy! We went to the gym, went swimming, and she gave me this adorable camera charm. That Friday (the 14th), I went to the hair salon for a cut and to color back to my natural color. The color turned out slightly darker than it should have, but I love it! While I was at the salon, Aaron had to run some errands and returned with my birthday gifts. He bought me a Nook Tablet and a cover for it! I was so excited, I've been wanting one for a while. Aaron liked them so much, he even got one for himself. That night (technically Saturday morning), he took me to Denny's for 3am birthday dinner. Instead of a cake, I got a birthday chocolate hot fudge sundae with oreos.

 During my work week, I've been busy training my friend, Raymond. He got a job at the company I work at and my boss thought it would be a good idea to have him train under me. Since there's only 4 hours of actual training, we spent 8 hours each shift watching things on Netflix. I was able to get some of my other projects going, but couldn't blog while he was around. At least I was able to hang out with him on my birthday!

(More birthday celebrations, Asian food, and creative projects after the jump!)

 On Thursday (the 20th), it was my mom's turn to celebrate with me! She took me shopping for some new clothes with the birthday money I got and the money I saved for clothes. We went to DSW first, where I bought 2 new pairs of shoes. A pair of grey moccasins and a pair of grey heeled ankle boots. So cute and comfortable! After that, we went to Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood to shop at H&M and American Apparel. I bought 3 button-up shirts, 1 sweater, 1 sweater dress, 1 cardigan, 1 wool bowler hat, a pair of "truffle-colored" high-waist pants, a sailor stripe long sleeve shirt, and a hoodie that actually fits me. Yay shopping! Unfortunately the cashier we had at H&M forgot to take the sensor off of the bowler hat (it was quite apparent she was new, oh well), so I'll have to go back to the store today to have them take it off. And finally on Friday (the 21st), my mom, sister, sister's boyfriend, Aaron, and I went to dinner at an Asian buffet restaurant for a family birthday dinner. The food was sooo good, I managed to eat 2 and a half rounds! I ate the most out of our family, but I couldn't help it. lol

 Aside from all of the celebrating and training people, I've been trying to get lots of creative projects finished. I've got drawings for people to start, a portfolio to complete, and a photo shoot to prepare for. As for my portfolio, I have to put together 10 pieces that show my artistic ability and eye for color schemes to turn into the admissions board for the school I want to go to. My admissions worker told me to get it done by October, so I've been trying to work my butt off on it. Luckily, I've already added 3 of my old drawings into it, so I just need to add 7 more pieces. To showcase my fashion design skills (though I think they're quite amateur at the moment), I plan on drawing a few fashion sketches for both women's wear and men's wear, then adding a picture of the beret I'm currently crocheting (if I finish the beret in time). I still need to write my essay for it, as well! I've also been practicing my realistic drawing style by asking acquaintances on Suicide Girls if they would like to be drawn for free. I currently have 1 request, but haven't been able to get around to it just yet. My photo shoot for SG is coming up on October 27th, and I can't be more excited. I've reserved the place we're shooting at, and Jaxy got our photographer, hair stylist, and makeup artist. All I need to do now is keep exercising, pick which themes I'm bringing along with me, and picking which clothes I want to use for it. A week before our shoot, Jaxy and I plan on doing some extra personal maintenance (mani / pedi, facials, etc.), so that will be a nice little treat. I've never had a pedicure! lol

So that's what I have been up to. Very busy! What have you been up to?

Photo of me with sundae by Aaron,
Photo of me with Aaron and Mom by Chelsea (sister),
All other photos by myself.

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