Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 21 – Things That Makes Me Cry

 If you were to ask me this a little over a year ago, I would have a never-ending list. Luckily my list has gotten much shorter since then! Things that make me cry: animal cruelty, touching moments (especially on TV and movies), the death of someone close to me, too much stress, those random sad moods that everyone has, and of course, the Notebook. How is it that nearly every girl in existence has cried at the end of the Notebook every time? Those people definitely knew the inner workings of women. lol

 Sorry about such a short post, but I don't like to dwell on negativity. I have to admit, I only wrote this post because it was on the topic challenge list and I had already skipped so many of them!

What makes you cry, happy or sad tears?