Saturday, March 10, 2012

KONY 2012: Another Side to IC

 I would just like to say that although Kony 2012 is a cause to spread awareness about, the way that Invisible Children is going about it might not be the way people would agree with. Just like most, I don't agree with IC only using 31% of the donations for the cause itself and the rest for movies and air plane tickets, but the fact is, I still bought the action kit and will still use it, but in a slightly different way as to spread awareness of the actual problem and not IC itself.

 I'm not going to type a long post about why IC is bad, because it isn't bad necessarily, but I will post links to other blogs about the flaws in IC's campaign as well as showing that there are organizations other than IC to turn to, to spread unbiased knowledge.
Crack in the Road
Visible Children

 So I suggest looking into more information besides what IC says (but still look into theirs, it's still information) and finding the organization that's best for you. If you already bought IC's action kit and/or donated, like I did, then go ahead and use the kit to spread awareness, but in such a way that spreads awareness to the cause itself and not to spread advertising for IC. Bottom line: spread awareness of Joseph Kony's evil, but in such a way that isn't biased towards one organization.

Art work - Sakimichan @ dA

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