Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Apartment Sneak Peeks: The Sequel

 First of all, sorry about the slight disappearance! I just wasn't in the blogging zone for a little bit. But tonight, I present you another sneak peek into my living room and dining room! Mind you, nothing is completely finished yet, as I have too many more projects to do and pieces to buy, but it's looking pretty good for being half-done.

 Last Friday, I was busy painting these cube shelves with some of my leftover teal paint from when we painted our accent wall. It took all night to get done (Latex paint takes forever to dry, luckily I had video games to preoccupy my time!), but after technically 9 sides to paint per shelf and 1-2 coats of paint each, I finally got it done at 6am! These aren't hung up yet, but I'm hoping to get everything hung up by this weekend.

(More photos of my updated living room and dining room after the jump.)

 1) The left side of the room. That couch is extremely comfy, and the cat fur doesn't get all over it! 2) Our "studio / office space" in one of the corners of the room. Still needs a lot of work (and a new drafting chair!), but I loved this space much more than where I had the desk before. I still need to reupholster that dress form shelf. 3) Our dining room, with amazing table that pulls out into a larger table, Asian decor, and my mom's iron headboard that we need to take to her place. lol I still have a few touches to make here.

 I'm so proud of it already, but we still have a long way to go! I hope this post gave some of you inspiration for your own spaces. Have  a question about how to improve your own space or a decor problem you're having? Share it in the comments and I'll be happy to answer! :)

All photos by myself.

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