Sunday, December 11, 2011

5 Things I'm Loving: 12/3/11 - 12/10/11

 1) Mass Effect. I've been playing the first one this past week and I can honestly say it's pretty fun. I'm only in the beginning, but I've already fought off robots with flashlight heads, cyber zombies, and biotic terrorists. I love the ability of creating a female character instead of a male, it tends to be something I look for in games, because who doesn't like a little sense of female empowerment? Though guys say they choose female characters because, "if they have to stare at someone's ass the entire game, it may as well be pretty." lol

 2) Christmas decorations! I just love decorating for the holidays, especially since this is the first year I'll be doing it in my own home with Aaron. So far we have our Christmas tree set up and decorated, Aaron put some lights up around one of the archways and in our room, and a few little decorations throughout the apartment. It's been getting me excited to bake more cookies and wrap presents soon!

 (1960's classics, sexy women, and fuzzy animals after the jump.)

 3) Breakfast at Tiffany's. This has become one of my newest favorite movies of all time! The story of Holly Golightly is a bit of a sad one if you think about it, but there are lots of comedic scenes so it doesn't make you think about the sad side. It has 1960's New York culture, happy characters, a claw-foot tub-turned-couch, and an old innocence that you don't see in movies anymore. Plus, Audrey Hepburn is quite a looker.

 4) Pin up art. I've always loved pin up art, it could be because of the gorgeous, curvy women, the cute themes and poses, or may be the sexy yet tasteful and classy way that they're always done. I've been itching to put some prints I bought at an old antique store up in our living room, but I have to buy the frames first. I'm hoping to do that tomorrow. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at drawing pin up as well!

 5) Kittens. I've been thinking about them a lot since Aaron told me I "might" be getting one for Christmas. -wink wink- He's been looking at online animal shelter lists such as and showing me the ones that he thought I would like. So far he's been right about the kittens I would like, so I know he'll find one that I'd love. I just hope Bowie doesn't get too jealous, he's always been our little baby boy. lol

What are you loving this week? :)

Mass Effect screencap - Bioware, Breakfast at Tiffany's screencap - Paramount Pictures
Pin Up - Gil Elvgren, Christmas decor and Bowie photos by myself.

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