Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Tattoo Finally!

I finally got my first tattoo on the 1st! I'm so happy and I'm proud of it.

(More about the camera, the tattooing process, and the reason why I got it after the jump.)

It's a Kodak 35, a camera originally introduced in 1938. I got it done at Bad Apple Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV by Willy Cutlip. It took 30 minutes for him to draw it up (with the reference picture I sent him) and 2 and a half hours for the tattooing itself. He left out a few of the numbers because they were too small, but it looks amazing. Also, he said that if it needs some touching up after the healing process, he'll do it for free. He is such a phenomenal tattoo artist and casually professional, meaning he makes you feel comfortable without being cold. If you're in Vegas and want to get a tattoo, I highly recommend him.

I chose this camera not only for the design, but I've always loved Kodaks and my first camera was a Kodak. I don't have a big life changing meaning for it, but I've always had a passion for photography, it's one of my favorite forms of art that I'd like to pursue further, and I'd like to start collecting vintage cameras eventually. I plan on getting more art inspired tattoos in the future, but I believe this one will always be my favorite.

The healing process is going to take a month, 2 months if you count the skin flaking and itching after, but I don't mind as long as it still looks gorgeous. I'm just going to smell like ointment for a month. lol

If you already have a tattoo or many, what are they? :)

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